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Ferruginous Hawk (Buteo Regalis)

A large hawk that inhabits the grasslands, deserts, and open-areas of western North America. bitcoin trading singapore Ferruginous means 'rusty color' and refers to the birds rufous colored wings and legs.

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online trading This site provides information about one of North America's most amazing birds of prey and provides up-to-date information about the Tri-National Migration Study.

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About The Project

As of July, 2007, 56 ferruginous hawks have been captured and telemetered, 8 in Mexico, 11 in Canada, and 37 in the United States. » Read More

News From The Field

Hawk 47839 ("Charlie") is returning to the Dakota Prairie Grasslands in North Dakota from Kansas where he will be monitored for his 5th breeding season. » Read More

Telemetry Maps

pfizer stock Where are the study birds now? You can view the current locations and migration maps of the study birds » Read More